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About Pimentel’s Mushroom Bitz and Bites

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Food never goes out of fashion and so are we, having an entrepreneurial mindset and the demand of customers led us to be forward-thinking, bold and visionary in our approach, to deliver surprising and satisfactory results.

We have been experimenting mushrooms and been enhancing our own brand. Mushrooms gives a lot of benefits than eating your regular pork chicharons. With this in mind, we have been making a brand that will become a new treat to those who love crunchy satisfying treats but staying healthy in the process.

About Pimentel's Mushroom Bitz and Bites

We find that mushrooms are being used in various ways. Usually, we boil, and dry it to be used as an ingredient in our food. While doing so, something came up and decided that we would also like to try frying it. Turned out great and the flavor is unique but the feeling is healthy. Without realizing we were making it more often and realized that it will make a good opportunity in the market. We started a business and promoting it non stop so that people will see the benefits of eating mushrooms and using it as an alternative to what is already popular in the market.  That is how Pimentel’s Mushroom Bitz and Bites was founded.